In order to ensure the final product looks great, we will need the best possible photo that

you can provide. Here is a set of guidelines that will help you select a photograph.



A digital photograph taken from a digital camera is always preferred over any other type of

picture as they provide the best detail.


ALWAYS - submit raw data from your digital camera, or original photograph

prints. Original photo prints will be returned with your order.

TRY TO – submit a photo in which your pet is in contrast with the background.

Example: a dark pet against a lighter background, or a light colored pet against a

darker background.

TRY TO – submit a photo that shows your pet up close. Photographs showing a pet

further away must be enlarged and the details will be diminished.

DO NOT - submit prints or copies of scanned photographs – the original is


DO NOT - submit cell phone photos as the resolution is usually too low.

REMEMBER - that even though a copy may look good enough to you, our professional

equipment sees things that the human eye cannot. Inadequate submissions drastically reduce

the quality of the finished product.

Our goal is to help you to get the best possible reproduction of your beloved pet.




IMAGES FROM A DIGITAL CAMERA – Send the images from a digital camera as is with no

alterations whatsoever.


SCANNED IMAGES - If you are scanning a hardcopy make sure to:

Clean the scanning bed so no debris is picked up in the scan

Scan the photo at a resolution of 600 dpi and DO NOT alter it in any other way

Set the image size to at least 5" x 7" (portrait or landscape)

Digital image must be submitted in jpeg format (.jpg)

If you are inexperienced at scanning, you can take your photo to a FedEx Office

outlet and they can burn it to a CD Rom.

Be sure to include any cropping/layout instructions you desire (we will try our best to

accommodate them).


Email photos to: