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Tear Bottle: Baby Blue Hand Blown Contemporary

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5 x 10
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Product Description

Tear Bottle: Baby Blue Hand Blown Contemporary

A unique way to remember the loss of a baby boy, son, husband or other masculine loss...

Our Blue Contemporary tear bottle is an artistic, flame-worked glass tear bottle in the Contemporary style. Blue glass is swirled into the based of this bottle. It measures about 2 inches tall (exact measurements will vary). Features include a Blue Lace Agate cabochon and a hand-painted 24K gold luster rim.

The history of the tear bottle is captivating and poignant. Tear bottles were prevalent in ancient Rome and Egypt, when mourners would collect their tears and bury them with loved ones to show honor and devotion.Tear bottles re-appeared during the 19th century Victorian era, when tears were collected in bottles with special stoppers; the tears evaporated and once gone, the mourning period ended, but the bottle remained as a token of eternal devotion.Today, our tear bottles are offered as a loving expression of sympathy.

Product Features:

  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom designed enclosure card
  • Lovely organza bag packaging
  • History of the tear bottle story card

Only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship are used in the production of this gift line which is proudly made in the USA. Each tear bottle measures approximately 2". Each order also includes a custom designed and printed enclosure card which reads, "as you comprehend this profound loss...let yourself cry knowing each tear is a note of love rising to the heavens." The Contemporary Tear Bottle Line is crafted by an American glass blower. Each flame-worked bottle is individually made and unique. Copyright 2001-2004 Timeless Traditions

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