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Cubby Comfort Bear - Sympathy Gift for Kids
Cubby Comfort Bear - Sympathy Gift for Kids

Cubby Comfort Bear - Sympathy Gift for Kids

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5 x 9
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Product Description

When it's hard to let go, it helps to have something to hold on to...

Cubby Comfort Bereavement bear is the perfect sympathy gift to send to a child who has lost or is missing a loved one or pet.   

Our simple goal: to encourage healthy grieving as children learn to cope with loss.

Cubby arrives with his very own silky handkerchief which gives children the message that tears are important!  And nothing to be ashamed of.  He also has a special "cubby" built into his back where children can add a photo, note or other precious keepsake.  These items will provide reassurance as they hold Cubby, and memories, close to their heart.

Cubby truly is a bear to care and a bear to share. Sharing grief.  Sharing stories. Because a grief shared is a grief halved.

Each bear arrives with the beautiful sympathy poem which is EXCLUSIVE to The Comfort Company:

Sometimes life can make you sad

In many different ways,

And you may need a bear hug

To help you through your days. 

Cubby Comfort Bear would like

To be your special friend,

And snuggle close beside you

While your heart is on the mend

He’ll comfort and remind you

That although you are apart

The one you miss still lives with you

Forever in your heart.

So when you’re feeling sad inside

And don’t know what to do

Just reach for Cubby- chances  are

He needs your comfort too!

Copyright 2004: The Comfort Company, Inc. All Right Reserved