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Giving Comfort In Time Of Grief

December 15, 2006

Hartford Courant


The holiday season is a wrenching time for people who have lost someone they love, and buying the right gift for them seems like an impossible task.

"Grieving is a difficult thing. So many people feel the need to say something to take our pain away, but our real job is to acknowledge their loss," says Renee Wood, a former social worker and founder of the Comfort Company, an online venture that sells gifts for the bereaved. Wood says sending a small gift says "I remember." During the holidays, her company sells nine memorial ornaments, including this year's "Limited Edition," which has this quote on it from Helen Keller: "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose ... All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." The company also sells engraved remembrance stones to be placed in a garden and 250 other gifts in a range of prices. Ornaments cost $14.95 each, and garden stones average $42.95.



Wood also offers some tips for writing sympathy cards: Write it in your own hand, avoid writing anything that minimizes the loss, and remember to acknowledge those who have died in the past.


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