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Ribbon of Remembrance Sterling Charm

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Ribbon of Remembrance Pendant Sterling Charm

Connecting your life to theirs.....Our beautiful Ribbon of Remembrance charm is forged by skilled artisans with .925 silver.   Charm is 1/2".
This beautiful and expressive symbol was designed to take on a very personal meaning for the wearer.  For some, it will represent the infinity symbol separated into two halves, yet connected.  To others, the Ribbon of Remembrance is seen as a ribbon weaving two hearts together and for those of the Christian faith, it is a symbol of their faith and the promise of eternal life. 
The beautifully crafted original design will memorialize and honor your loved ones for years to come.  Each pendant arrives with a Ribbon of Remembrance enclosure card which  explains:
Ribbon of Remembrance
There is a ribbon that weaves the fabric of our lives together forming memories lasting a lifetime. The Ribbon of Remembrance symbolizes our connection to those we love; a continuous ribbon connecting one remembered to the one remembering. This symbol is an outward expression of a life remembered, a tangible touch-point connecting us to memories of the one we love with a bond that will never be broken 
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