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Mourning Custom: Stone to Remember

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Mourning Custom: Stone to Remember

"Leave a stone to show you care, A stone of love shows someone was there"

Mourning Stones are a new way to honor mourning customs.  They can be sent immediately following a death or a few months later to let people know that they haven't been forgotten.  They are also wonderful to send at the anniversary of the loss or on other special days which might be soothed with a small remembrance gift.  

Placing a small stone on the grave is an ancient custom... it is simply a way of saying: This is a person worth remembering. The pebble also lets others know that someone did come and remember. Symbolically, it suggests the continuing presence of love and memory which are as strong and enduring as a rock.

Mourning Stone features:

  •   18 Rose quartz stones--the stone of universal love.
  •   MourningStonesĀ® black-sueded velvet drawstring pouch. 
  •   Give the gift of MourningStonesĀ® - a truly compassionate, thoughtful gift.
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